Perhumas at a Glance

Perhumas, the esteemed Indonesian Public Relations Association, owes its genesis to Marah Joenoes, a visionary in the field of public relations. Joenoes’s inspiration was ignited at the 6th World Public Relations Congress in Geneva, leading to the seminal meeting at Jakarta’s Wisma Internasional Pertamina, the present-day PEPABRI building. This landmark assembly united PR experts from a spectrum of sectors, laying the groundwork for a dedicated national PR organization.

With a unified vision, Joenoes, alongside Tommy Graciano and Wisaksono Nuradi, set forth to name and establish Perhumas on December 15, 1972. As a professional guild, Perhumas aims to advance Indonesian PR practitioners’ skills, broaden their understanding, and cultivate both local and global connections. Endorsed by both the Ministry of Home Affairs and the International Public Relations Association in London, Perhumas seeks to elevate the PR profession across Indonesia and internationally.

For over half a century, Perhumas has been instrumental in shaping the PR landscape through various initiatives, including the critical establishment of FAPRO and participation in the FCGI forum. With a governance board based in Jakarta and a reach extending across Indonesia, Perhumas remains committed to fostering the evolution of PR practices.

At present, Perhumas maintains a widespread network that includes 18 branch offices and 16 sections dedicated to young professionals, collectively serving around 3,000 members throughout Indonesia. This extensive presence underscores the organization’s dedication to expanding its impact. Programs like the Indonesia Bicara Baik campaign highlight Perhumas’s active role in encouraging constructive interaction within the community and on digital media channels.

Internationally, Perhumas ‘s ties with the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management underscore its collaborative ethos, its pursuit of excellence in PR, and its contribution to a network of over 360,000 global professionals.

Perhumas continues to champion professional development, quality in practice, and the collective progress of the PR industry, a testament to its dedication and influence.

Activities of PERHUMAS:

  1. Annually, PERHUMAS organizes flagship events like Konvensi Humas Indonesia or Indonesia Public Relations Convention and Pertemuan Humas Muda Indonesia. Indonesia Young Public Relations Gathering, fostering a forum for industry discourse and innovation.
  2. he association also celebrates excellence within the field through the Anugerah Perhumas and  Perhumas Excellence Awards, contributing to the industry’s recognition and standards.
  3. In research and publications, Perhumas produces such as the Perhumas Indicators and the commemorative ’50 Years of Perhumas’ book, alongside strategic recommendations at the Indonesian Public Relations Convention, provide insightful resources to the community.
  4. Advancing thought leadership, Perhumas enhances the expertise of its opinion leaders through media engagement and speaking engagements across various PR and media events.
  5. Furthermore, Perhumas’s commitment to professional growth is evident in its accreditation and certification programs, as well as ongoing education opportunities provided by platforms like Perhumas Lounge and Perhumas IDN Times.
  6. On the international stage, Perhumas collaborates with the Global Alliance, APACD, AMEC Global, and the ASEAN PR network, demonstrating its global reach and influence in the public relations realm.